Support Your Library


The Brandon Public Library is happy to accept gifts of books, DVDs, music CDs, audio books and other materials that are an important supplement to our collection. You may drop off donations in good physical condition at the Circulation Desk when the Library is open. Please ensure your donated items are in clean, reusable condition.

Unfortunately, we cannot accept magazines, text books, or encyclopedias. We will happily accept contributions of money (cash or check). All donations are tax deductible. Questions about large or unusual donations should be sent to the Library Director (920-346-2350).



The Brandon Public Library welcomes and encourages members of the community to volunteer their time and talents to enrich and expand library services. Volunteers can add immensely to the quality of service that the library can provide to the public. Volunteers provide specific and selective services and do not replace permanent, paid staff.

Volunteers are expected to conform to all library policies and are selected and retained for as long as the library needs their services. Volunteers may be used for special events, projects and activities, or on a regular basis to assist library staff. Services provided by volunteers will not be used in place of hiring full or part-time staff. Volunteers may apply for paid positions under the same conditions as other applicants.

Please note that the library is only able to accept volunteers ages 15 and up. If you are interested in volunteering, please let staff know, leave your contact information, and we will reach out to you when help is needed.


Friends of the Library:

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