Meeting Room

The room is currently not available.

The Library has a room available for meetings and programs. The primary purpose of this room is to provide appropriate space for Library meetings and programs to support and promote the Library’s mission of providing free and easy access to informational, recreational and educational materials and activities. However, when the room is not being used by the Library or by its support groups, it will be available for use by community groups and organizations.

The Room May Be Used For: Educational, cultural, intellectual, governmental or charitable meetings, forums, presentations, and similar activities.

The Room May Not Be Used For:

     - Any purpose that interferes with the regular operation of the library.
Programs involving sales, advertising, solicitation or promotion of commercial products or services.
Personal, company or family parties or similar activities.
Any illegal activities.

Rules and Policies

1. Requests will be handled on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2. Admission fees may not be charged, except for programs sponsored by the library or by not-for-profit groups or institutions pre-approved on a case-by-case basis.

3. Children’s groups may use the meeting rooms if they are supervised by one or more adults.

4. The meeting room is available during normal library open hours.  Meetings may be scheduled before or after open hours by special arrangement. Meeting and activities should be ended in time for cleanup and to permit all persons, equipment and supplies to leave the room (and library if after normal hours) by the end of the reserved time and 15 minutes before library closing time if during normal hours.

5. Alcohol is not permitted, except in specifically approved library functions.

6. Smoking or use of tobacco products is not permitted.

7. Any breakage or damage to the library building or property shall be paid for by the organization using the room. The person reserving the meeting room will be held accountable.

8. The meeting room must be left in a neat and clean condition.

9. Storage of supplies or equipment belonging to users of the room is not permitted.

10. There is no telephone service in the meeting or conference room. Library staff are not available to accept calls or relay messages or page persons using the room, except in emergency situations.

11. The Library does not provide porter service to transport supplies to or from the meeting room, nor does it provide staff to operate equipment in meetings.

12. Nothing may be attached to walls, ceilings, doors or furniture of the room. No signs or posters promoting a meeting or program may be placed anywhere in the library without the permission of library staff.

13. Ongoing, regular use of the room is not permitted. Organizations may make reservations for use of the room up to three months in advance.

14. Use of the room is free.

15. Failure to comply with these rules will result in termination of the violator’s meeting room privileges.

16. Persons or organizations denied use of the room may appeal to the Brandon Public Library Board of Trustees.


Permission to use a meeting or conference room does not constitute endorsement of the user’s policies, presentation or viewpoints by the Brandon Public Library.